Brian Bicknell (Spruce Effects)

August 16, 2018

In this episode, I talk with Brian Bicknell (Spruce Effects) about how he got into playing music, becoming a gearhead, learning to build pedals, and eventually the creation of his own pedal brand. We talk about his unique branding that pays homage to the natural surroundings of his West Coast locale, from the artwork to the unique control set nomenclature. We talk about the pedals he builds and the differences between each one. He also tells us about some of his favorite gear that he doesn't build along with what is his favorite pedal to build at the moment. Check out his store at 

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Adam Rohrer

August 9, 2018

Adam Rohrer joins in on this episode to discuss his musical journey. From learning to play on a Squier tele to playing nice custom builds, we discuss guitars that don't get alot of recognition but are great players. We also talk about guitar amps, playing in church with wedge monitors, and recording music. We even talk about his legendary sleeve lengthing. 


Gabriel Tenorio: Teles, Tacos, & Tenorio

August 1, 2018

Gabriel (Gabriel Tenorio String Company) joins me on this episode to talk about his musical roots from El Paso and learning to play guitar growing up in Los Angeles. He describes his journey from hanging out at Guadulupe Strings as a working guitar player, to eventually working for the company, to branching out on his own to create GTSco.  He describes his process for creating his handwound strings using only round core steel. We talk about the importance of community and the music that surrounds his shop in Boyle Heights. He then tells me why a telecaster is his favorite guitar and about the one he recently built for his shop. And last but not least, he discusses his favorite tacos and his love for them. 


Isaiah Dominquez

July 26, 2018

On this episode, I talk with Isaiah Dominquez about his musical journey, NAMM shows, songwriting, and his recent tour run. From playing music in the Pacific Northwest to moving to Omaha, we talk about extending musical reach and what it's like intereacting with the music community in different places. He talks about his shift in identity as an artist from going solo to building connections with other musicians to create. 


Ryan Steele Interview

July 19, 2018

This week, Ryan Steele joins me on the show to discuss his musical journey from picking up guitar at age 5 to competing on NBC's The Voice. We talk about him moving to Nashville and living out of his Chevy Surburban, musical burnout, to reinvinting himself and the inspiriation that encouraged him to write and perform again. Here is his crowdfunding campaign for his upcoming album


Pete Jonas Interview

July 12, 2018

Pete Jonas joins in this week and we talk about his journey playing guitar from attending NAMM at an early age, demoing at the Dwarfcraft Pedals booth as a teen, to later being an LA session player. He talks about the differences in being self taught and getting his formal music education at Berkeley. We talk about his unique and eclectic approach to playing guitar, Hammond organ, Fender Rhodes, and the accordian. We talk about his love of Old Blood Noise Pedals, CamelTone, Keeley Electronics, Kauer Guitars, Benson, & Otis Amps. 


End of SNAMM ‘18 w The Effects Loop

July 5, 2018

I sat down with the good folks at The Effects Loop and Daniel Shields (DS Guitar Engineering) to recap Summer NAMM minutes before I started on my trip home. We may talk a little slower than normal and sound exhausted, but we have stories to tell! 


SNAMM 18 Recap w/ Scott Hamilton

June 29, 2018

Recap after the second day of NAMM with Scott Hamiliton of The Effects Loop. 


Southern NAMM

June 26, 2018

Michael Newman and Douglas King join me again this episode to do some more "southern accents". We talk about our musical journeys this week which include playing worship on a beach, on the street, and running sound. We then discuss our thoughts on the new Fender Player Series. We talk about some of the Pre SNAMM press releases and our thoughts about them. I talk about my strategy for Summer NAMM and what I hope to accomplish. 

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Worley Birds Do Southern Accents

June 20, 2018

On this special episode, Douglas King and Michael Newman come on to compare southern accents with Clifton while Josh moderates. While we have these WorleyBirds on, we discuss what's new in our gear journeys. We get down to the bottom of southern linguistics and the culture behind it.