Worley Birds “Lake Monster” Episode 8

December 14, 2017

This week, Cody Lake join us on the Worley Birds to discuss what's new in his life, his pedal quest, songwriting, and playing open mics with his new band. 


Worley Birds “Amp Me Up” Ep. 7

December 7, 2017

On this episode we talk about all things amplifiers. We share our amp journeys and thoughts on tube vs solid state. 


Worley Birds Ep. 6

November 30, 2017

On this episode we talk about our Black Friday finds and the deals that got away. 

We then talk about Gear Supply Co. and their $50 off any pedal Thanksgearving special.

Next, we give our favorite "picks" of the week.

Finally, we talk about all things archtops. 


Worley Birds Thanksgiving Special Episode 5

November 23, 2017

Here are some of the topics we discuss: 

1. Thanksgiving
2. Why don't people talk about acoustics
3. Black Friday gear plans
4. Music Picks
5. Mojo moment


Worley Birds Episode 4 with Kevin Equitz

November 16, 2017

Nick Viau, Joshua Fraser, Kevin Equitz, and Clifton Worley talk about music store pet peeves. 

We then discuss our opinions and preferences on guitar picks. 

We then talk about music we've been listening to and enjoying.

Finally, Mr. Mojo gives us his Mojo Guitar of The Week. 


Episode 34: Roger Jaeger

November 9, 2017

This week I talk with Nashville Pop/Rock Artist Roger Jaeger. rogerjaegermusic.com

We talk about his roots in Oklahoma, moving to Nashville, then to India for a year where he learned to play the sitar. 

He just released a new music video "Just Wanna Meet You" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VNx979v-lKk

We discuss the new album he is currently recording. 

You can follow him on facebook, twitter, youtube, and instagram. 

His music can be found on iTunes & Spotify. 


Episode 33: Chris Bellamy

November 2, 2017

On this episode I talk to Chris Bellamy. We talk about his work as a touring and session guitarist as well as playing the saxophone. He also works as an instructor on sax and guitar along with being a worship pastor in Virginia Beach. 


You can listen to some of his most recent work at highervisionworship.com/featured



WorleyBirds Episode 3: Strings, Quirks, and Hacks

October 26, 2017

On this episode of The Worley Birds, we discuss weird quirks we do while playing guitar. We talk about our favorite strings and why we use what we use. We then talk about our music album picks for this week. Finally, we get a visit from Mr. Mojo and discuss Baxendale Harmony Conversions. 


WorleyBirds Special Otter Day Edition

October 19, 2017

On this special episode we celebrate Otter Day! 

We talk about our thoughts on the clean slate movement. 

We talk amps and the Boss Katana.

We discuss artist documentaries on Netflix and then artists who have out new albums that deserve a listen. 


We move on to talk about Mojo from Mr. Mojo himself





Special Edition WorleyBird Show

October 13, 2017

On this special episode, Nick Viau and Joshua Fraser come on to hang out and talk about a few things. We discuss the impact Tom Petty's music had on each of our live's, my recent trip to Awaken The Dawn in DC, and then a rundown of the gear we use.