Chad Jennings (Jennings Guitars)

October 17, 2018

On this episode, Chad from Jennings Guitars joins in on the discussion to tell us about his journey from building a guitar for a school science project at age 14 to building boutique guitars now at age 27. From going to luthier school in MI to owning his own ship in Camarillo, CA he describes the process that has brought him to what he creates today.


Blake Wyland (The Tone Mob Podcast)

October 11, 2018

Blake (Tone Mob) joins me this week to talk about how he ventured into guitar podcasting and the journey to where he is a brand and marketing consultant in the guitar industry. He talks about the band he plays guitar in (Anchors Ashore) and the creative process he went thru writing and recording their last project. We do a little Q&A from the listeners and he tells us about his favorite pizza, tacos, etc. We close out by talking about what we think the future of guitar podcasting may be. 


Kyle “Bibster” Jackson

October 3, 2018

Kyle "Bibster" Jackson of Bibster And The Ginger Podcast joined me this week to discuss his musical journey. He tells us about his pathway into the online guitar gear community. We talk about his love of cheap guitars and how he started out playing drums. He talks about how he plays in church and how that affects his approach to gear. Finally, he tells us about how he became the "Bibster" and his podcast. Seriously, go check out his podcast!



Are Jay Smith (TeleTalks)

September 26, 2018

Are Jay Smith of TeleTalks joins in on this episode to talk about how he started playing guitar, and moving to Texas as a teenager. His work on creating and recording movie soundtracks. We talk about where he gets his musical inspiration to creating a recording workflow. He then catches us up to speed on TeleTalks and we even feature ShellyTheTele. We talk about our favorite southern breakfasts and South Californian adaptations of those staples. He talks about the amps he loves and his "Keep It Simple Stupid" approach to pedals. 


Jonathan Diaz (The Effects Loop Podcast)

September 18, 2018

On this episode, Jonathan Diaz of The Effects Loop Podcast jumps on to talk about how he got into playing music, becoming a fan of guitar gear, to being part of a guitar podcast. We talk about his approach to playing guitar with other pedal, the gear he loves, and his thoughts on the podcast world. From his signature catch phrase "God Bless America" to his confession as a 30 year old driving around in his truck listening to Justin Bieber, this is an episode you DO NOT want to miss! 


Sittin’ On A Porch in Mississippi On A Saturday Night

September 10, 2018

Join me as I sit down with my cousin Tim Worley as we share some anecdotes after the passing of our grandfather and how he impacted us musically. We talk about guitars that were passed around the family and move on to talk about other gear and where we are at on our gear journey. Towards the end, our cousin Andrew Nelson jumps in to share some thoughts on amplifers and the new Gibson lineup. 


Sean Arbow (Gunstreet Wiring)

August 30, 2018

Sean Arbow from Gunstreet Wiring joined in on the show this week. We discuss his background in Bend, Oregon learning to play on his older brother's guitar, to finally getting his first cheap guitar and the quest he went on to mod and eventually started building his own. From building guitars, he dived into making guitar harnesses. We talk about the role the gear community has played in him making wiring kits on the side, to the point where he went full time. 


Adam Dolhanyk: Pdubs, Kauer Guitars, and Kemper Amps

August 24, 2018

In this episode, I talk with Adam Dolhanyk. He spent many years as a praise and worship leader, and now is a pastor in Portland, Oregon. We talk about his roots learning to play guitar growing up in church in Seattle. We talk about how church music has impacted pop music and vise versa. We talk about identity as musicians, especially how worship leaders view themselves, to how he transitioned to another role outside of that but still pursues his guitar playing. We talk about the new Kauer Arcturus' we both just recieved and the contrast betweeen owning one good guitar to a variety of guitars that can push our playing in a broader way. We also talk about digital vs analog amps and effects. 


Brian Bicknell (Spruce Effects)

August 16, 2018

In this episode, I talk with Brian Bicknell (Spruce Effects) about how he got into playing music, becoming a gearhead, learning to build pedals, and eventually the creation of his own pedal brand. We talk about his unique branding that pays homage to the natural surroundings of his West Coast locale, from the artwork to the unique control set nomenclature. We talk about the pedals he builds and the differences between each one. He also tells us about some of his favorite gear that he doesn't build along with what is his favorite pedal to build at the moment. Check out his store at 

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Adam Rohrer

August 9, 2018

Adam Rohrer joins in on this episode to discuss his musical journey. From learning to play on a Squier tele to playing nice custom builds, we discuss guitars that don't get alot of recognition but are great players. We also talk about guitar amps, playing in church with wedge monitors, and recording music. We even talk about his legendary sleeve lengthing.